With Cloves and Lemons

A lot of Goodness in one bottle.

Everyone is talking about this shampoo.

The smell is so enticing that some people just have a taste. No, it wouldn’t harm you, you wouldn’t have to swallow it though, but your scalp can.


Feed your scalp right, and you will never have to worry about itching or irritating your scalp especially if you have a sensitive scalp.

This shampoo is great for Virgin or processed (relaxed) hair as well as Dread locs.

Children from age 6 can use it as well.

Babies or kids 0 – 5+ should use our Baby Hair Shampoo.

You just need to experience this tantalizing Hair TREATMENT shampoo and always have awesome wash days.

Wouldn’t strip your hair of colour or moisture, instead it Moisturises and leaves your hair soft while preventing breakage.

On low cut or long hair? Having an amazing shampoo for the root and body of your hair is a goal.

Free from Sulphates and Alcohol. Rich in Natural foaming agent (Glucoside).

It can also mildly help treat dandruff.

A treatment Kit for dandruff is available.



– Gently cleanse and soften without stripping colour and moisture

– Treats Dandruff

– Prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth

– Enjoy fuller and luscious hair


Massage into damp hair, and add water to lather. Rinse off with cool or lukewarm water.


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