Depigmenting Face Cream (Sensitive skin)


With 2% Alpha Arbutin + 0.5% Deoxyarbutin

This formula is packed with a combination of naturally derived tyrosinase inhibitors to minimize melanin synthesis, promote a lighter complexion, and fade suntan & hyperpigmentation.

Best in Melanin Pigment Control

If you experience chronic hyperpigmentation — Melasma, Ochronosis, Sunspots, Chloasma, Acanthosis Nigricans, Chronic Facial spots (PIH), or Suntan or your skin phototype is type 2 or 3 then this cream is for you.

Suitable for all skin sensitivity levels.




Apply generously by massaging on moist skin.

Best used only at night.

Wear sunscreen daily to protect skin from photo-sensitivity and reverse skin darkening.


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