Baby Skincare Kit


Healthy Skin is the best GIFT you can give to your child from a tender age.

I know you love and really care about your child…the reason they deserve the best even when it comes to their choice of skincare products.

Duduke 🤰🤱🏻🤰🤰🏽

If your child is between age 0+ (0 to 12months)

This is the absolute kit you should use to care for their Skin and maintain their complexion.

If you’re an expectant mother and looking to shop 100% healthy skincare food for your unborn baby, then this should be an answered prayer.

The first day of a baby’s life can start off healthily.

The skin history of a child (Skincare products used from birth) can affect the outcome of a Child’s skin and health in the future.

Don’t bank their skin on Chemical base products or mixtures of tube creams laden with harmful ingredients which can affect vital organs and possibly lead to cancer due to long-term accumulation.

Remember your Baby’s skin and organs are still in the developmental stage, don’t cause havoc, pamper and groom their tender skin healthily with this Kit that many parents have testified of.




– Deeply Moisturizes Baby Delicate Skin.

– Treat and prevent Napkin rash.

– Protect baby against Cold and excessive sweating as it conditions skin in all weather

– Gives a healthy sheen (Glow) to baby’s skin

– No irritation mild on baby’s most delicate and sensitive skin

– Moisturizing balm can be used by mother to treat sour nipple

– Maintains Baby complexion.


(Baby  Moisturizing Balm,  Big Sized Soap & 100ml Shea Baby Oil)

  1. Baby Moisturising Balm
  2. Baby Bath Bar 450g
  3. Shea Baby Oil 100ml

Save more when you buy full kit.

Your Baby needs to experience this.🥰


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