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your skin is AS



YOUR kidney

Stop treating your SKIN like trash, using products on trial and error basis, using skincare products and recommendation from QUACKS
Your Body is not a LAB RAT.

Over 90% of chemical ingredients in skincare products are carcinogenic, causes disruption of hormones, infertility and  host of other health issues.


Because we are aware that whatever you feed your skin on tells on your health.Toxic ingredients in Skincare Products can accumulate in your System and cause havoc.

You really need TOP NOTCH skincare Services and Products?
Embrace Nature…  Choose ZeeNature


  • Treatment soaps and creams
  • Stretch mark treatment kit
  • Sunburn treatments Kit
  • Acne Treatments Kits
  • Moisturizers for different complexion and Skin type
  • Facial care such as toners, serums, facial masks, face creams, scrubs
  • Body oils
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balms
  • Including hair Care products
  • Beard grooming products for men inclusive)
  • Baby and Kiddies soaps and moisturizers.


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Frequently Asked Questions

We confidently answer all your intending questions

Result differs depending on Skin type, Skincare product history, severity of skin condition, skin condition to be treated and consistency using the product(s).
For some within few weeks; 2-4weeks, 2-4months and 6months-1year for deeply chemical damaged Skin and certain Stretch marks.

Please always try to get full recommended kit when you start using ZeeNature for the first time.
Full Body Scrub, Face Scrub, Face toner, and Sunscreen will ensure your products works effectively.

Complexion change like getting a bit dark may occur for skin that have been bleached or lightened with chemical base products containing Hydroquinone, Steroids or Mercury. Natural products can not maintain the pathways through which these ingredients function. They tend to function by Killing melanin producing cells (which is not healthy, as cell is the unit of life; long term use may lead to cancer)

Natural products will restructure and rebuild your skin back to factory settings and purge out toxic residues in skin layers.
Our Lightening products can help your skin get on a healthy fair complexion within 2-5months. They function by inhibiting the activities of Tyrosinase (an enzymes require in the process of melanin production).

A natural fair skinned will not experience complexion change.

yes Consultation is very important especially for certain treatments and Sensitive skin types.
However, the product categories on our website can be a great guide in getting the most suitable products for your complexion, skin type and skin goals.

50% of your skin challenges are solved from a consultation with us. Your skin worries can be over when you get the complete recommended products and consistently follow your skincare routine.
Send a message to or WhatsApp: +2349013940845 for a free skincare consultation

ZeeNature’s are rich Skin food void of any form of chemicals that are not naturally derived. They are natural base and not synthetic with unnecessary texturisers or thickeners.
And of course, the ZeeNature experience is wonderful.

To apply creams, always massage on both palms to create a warm friction before spreading it all over a moist skin; This will also aid proper absorption.

Not at all, the price on each image is for a Single product of same kind, except it is a kit/set. This is for photography reasons. And more over we believe in the power of two, ZeeNature is a love relationship with Nature as represented on 0ur logo

organic skincare is the new self love